Claude Baal


Full Name Claude Baal
Nickname Baal
Affiliation Rag Maggots
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Larry Davis : Mentor
Claude Baal is a minor character that's found in the first chapter of LISA: The Pointless. He's notable from being the game mascot.

Appearence and Personality Edit

Claude is a middle aged adult of brown skin and fat composition. Claude has a rounded small face with some wrinkles over it and big cheeks. His eyes are monolid, squinted and black. He has a Nubian nose which the nostrils are very enlarged. His hair is grey divided by a bald part in the middle. He has a medium size mouth. Claude wears a green crocodile color poncho and black pants.

After becoming a Rag maggot he wears a green crocodile patched bed-bag with a rounded yellow ring around the face.

Claude Baal is pretty focused about Larry Davis learning ways stroking trash constantly. His dedication is so big that leads him to the point of losing the way from it and transforming.

Story Edit

When you first find him, he is humping trash.

If you've already humped every trash bag, he responds to that with "You have the stench about you, go back to Larry Davis." Talk to him again and he'll say "At this rate I'll need a sleeping bag soon.", hinting at his transformation.

When you find him again later, he is a Rag Maggot and interacting with him will only have him do a Joy Mutant yell.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Painful, which has the main character as the game mascot, Pointless uses him instead of Alex or Joel.