Description Edit

The Cult of Cellophane is a self-recognized cult that sets out to comfort denizens of Garbage Island into the island's surroundings. The result of the Cult's teachings often make people very passive, to the point where they would refuse to do the most simple of tasks. The few that aren't passive tend to have taken the cult's teachings with some irony, as proven with Bob's dead quote.

If the player chooses to speak to Larry Davis, Alex himself can take part in one of the Cult's practices, namely, garbage humping.

History Edit

The cult was established after The Flash as a fusion of Larry Davis's teachings, The Versace family's fight against Garbage Insanity's stigma and lastly multiple customs and history/lore regarding the trash on Garbage Island.

Beliefs Edit

The Cellophane cult believe that everything including people are trash now. They also believe that if you haven't accepted garbage, and didn't die in a garbage bag, your spirit won't decompose and the spirit will become lost and anxious.

Practices Edit

The Cult of Cellophane deploys two practices used to ease people into accepting garbage. These being: Trash Humping and Breathing in Cellophane.

  • Trash Humping is the practice of humping garbage. Whether it be a single trash bag, a pile of garbage, or a dude in a garbage bag.
  • Breathing in Cellophane is a practice where the participant ties a plastic bag around their head and breaths in and out for an unspecified amount of time.

When a member of the cult is ready to die, and they've accepted garbage already, they head down to the Mass Graves to dispose of themselves. They wrap a plastic bag around their head,hop into a trash bag, and then slowly rot away.

Notable Mystics Edit