Darry Sweets
Darry Sweets
HP 580 ATK 32
SP 30 DEF 15
SATK 25 AGI 22
Exp 200 Mags 0
Item Drops
Perfume 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
Atk Element: Physical State Resist: Disarmed
Scratch Always 3
Dirt Kick State:Bellow Threshold 3
Bottle Throw Always 4
"You shag my trash?

It's your turn!"

―Darry Sweets
Darry Sweets is a failed Garbage Mystic that appears in Chapter 1: Mystics of Trash and Violence as an enemy.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Darry Sweets is a very bitter old man that wears a blue wool poncho and a pair of black pants. He's hunched over and his head is balding with patches of stringy, messy hair. He has an oblong shaped face. His eyes are small with a blank sighting. He has a greek awry nose. And a jowl.

He knows how to party like it's 1999.

Story Edit

Darry appears a few tiles away from Larry Davis after stroking 12 garbage bags during the Trash Enlightenment sidequest. When Alex approaches him, Darry snaps at Alex and claims aggressively that he shagged his trash, then attacks.

Battle Edit

The first half of Darry's fight is for the most part, straight forward. He deals low damage and occasionally wastes his turn with Dirt Kick.

After Darry hits 40% hp, he claims that he can 'Play dirtier', then uses the skill "Party Stance", which heals 69 hp, and gives him the Party Mode and Cool status effects. This makes Darry more daunting and tank-like, as now he's 100% more resistant to Stun, has much higher ATK and DEF stats, and is slowly regenerating HP.

Strategy Edit

Overall Darry's battle shouldn't give much trouble to the player since by the point where you encounter him the party has already the basic skills and also his low attack and lack of chances to counter any taunt strategy of Joel or Georgy doesn't help too much to the dificulty of the battle.

Location Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Darry Sweets was Edvinas Kandrotas's first designed enemy.