Fringe Boy
Affiliation Central Powers

Infinity Franchise

Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships John Johnson: Enemy
"No school! Hell yeah!"
―Fringe Boy


Fringe Boy was member of the Central Powers. He is a stout, green man with a rude and immature demeanor. Living up to his name, he sports a black fringe over his left eye, along with a purple jacket that says "BAD" on the back, and a striped shirt under it. He seems to hate John Johnson with a passion.

During the feast, he reveals himself to be a member of the Infinity Franchise, and promptly kills John Johnson by repeatedly beating him over the head with a stool.

Like most members of the Central Powers, he is dead by the end of The Feast, caught in Tic Tonic's self-detonation.

Gang Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Fringe Boy's car that he uses as transportation to go to the Gambling hall has a tag plate that reads "BAD". This word is also used as a gang sign associated with Fringe Boy's gang, the Good Angels.
  • According to his stat sheet he was the strongest member of the Central Powers and his fighting style is irish bar knuckle