Due to the White Flash vaporizing most of civilization, many inhabitants of Olathe have formed gangs for mutual protection and survival. Usually, they are outwardly hostile towards other denizens, while others are neutral until provoked, but very few are entirely peaceful.

Gangs in The Pointless Edit

Infinity Franchise Edit

Infinity Franchise Ad

The Infinity Franchise is a mob Alex meets in Downtown Olathe, with Arnold Shpitz seemingly being the strongest one. Members wear Infinity Attire and working with a fold system used by Daniel Grind and other unknown bureaucrats. They are spreading massively around Central Olathe attacking denizens and brain-washing them through the Jersey.

Chapter 1 Members:

The Cellophane Communion Edit

Cellophane Members
The Cellophane Communion is a religious group following the mystic teachings of the Versace Family and (in a minor tone) Larry Davis. They believe all is trash in different states, and believe that suicide via asphyxiation with plastic bags will make them turn one with trash. They only behave aggressively against people who oppose their beliefs


Neon Flamingos Edit


The thumb is a faction the duo encounter at the near end of the game. They drive them towards The City and are in a war with the EPS.

Chapter 1 Members:

The Central Powers Edit

The Central Powers are various gangs playing turf war (called The Game) on Downtown Olathe. All of their leaders are friends to each other (apart for a rivalry between John Johnson and Fringe Boy), and only use roughhousing as a means of violence.


Sub-Groups Edit

Good Angels Edit

GoodAngels Badge

The Good Angels are the group owned by Fringe Boy. They wear black-and-white striped tank tops and sometimes wear purple jackets with "BAD" written in their back. Their gang logo is the same BAD you see in the jackets.

Known Members:

The Corp Edit

The corp

The Corp is the group belonging to John Johnson. They wear Gold and White tracksuits and bandannas manufactured by the King Company, also wearing their logo. Their gang logo is a golden rhombus with a G. and a D. placed on it's left and right respectively.

Known Members:

The Tic Tonic Gang Edit

Tic Tonic Gang-0

As the name refers. this gang belonging to Tic Tonic wears a pink poncho with two yellow and orange spirals in both of the shoulder parts, and some seem to use black hats with a red stripe in them. Their gang logo is the spiral used in their ponchos, surrounded by a pink aura.

Known Members:

The Lennie Gang Edit

Lennie Long Leg's gang is actually an alliance, but still, play The Game due to Lennie's friendship with the Central Powers. Because of this, Lennie's gang does not have a dress code. This gang outstands by communicating through phone-calls.

The Knot Edit

Devil's Knot

The Knot belongs to Zein Ka, and wear a brown-and-blue poncho with a panther pattern, and often paint the gang logo on their foreheads.

Known Members:

Ottoman's Gang Edit

Office Ottoman's gang can be seen using a blue poncho with orange stripes and sometimes with a black tie. Their logo is never shown.

Silvester's Gang Edit

A fully-functional post-apocalyptic society founded by Silvester de Maistre, they live in Melting Village, which uses mud in it's architecture and for resources, such as Mud Pies. However, every member of the gang except for Silvester were recruited by Jason Pike for protection against Hugo Leopardi. Unusually for a gang, they don't have their own uniform.

Known Members:

The Mack Clan Edit

The Mack Clan is a family gang lead by Jessie Mack and his offspring on the Cherry Village. They are mostly shirtless, but some wear purple ponchos. They have no gang logo.

Known Members:

Rando's Army Edit


The biggest group of people found in Olathe, they deserve to be called an army. Led by the warlord Rando, they're task is to establish order in Olathe. Rando's Army plays a major role in the source material, Lisa The Painful.

Known Members

The Neu Crew Edit

Neu Crew

Neu Crew was a gang established on Downtown Confines. They were one of the many gangs ripped-off by the Rando's Army in order to establish order in Olathe. Their name is a pun of their leader's name (Neu) and the phrase "New Crew"

Known Members

Honey Comb Wranglers Edit

The Honey Comb Wranglers is a gang Pat Mercury in Garbage Island mentions. So far, they're unknown but they are said to be an amicable gang.

Pedro's Posse Edit

A rising gang leaded by Pedro Rodrigez made just a few minutes after "the recall" of Rando. Pedro believes the recall was a sign sent to him by destiny and plans to keep Garbage Island all to themselves. only two members are in the gang being Pedro himself and Dex Muldoon.

Known Members