Party Member
Full Name Georgy Hernandez
Nickname N/A
Class Aspiring Businessman
Race Human
Sex Male
Affiliation Alex (Friend/Partner)

Joel (Friend/Partner) Garbage Island (Former Home)

Equip Types
Weapon Types Trowel
Armor Types Nude
Skill Types Scoop/Brag
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 3%

Georgy is a temporary party member in LISA:The Pointless (Present mostly in Garbage Island). Like Joel and Alex, he wants to leave the island, and luckily has a "boat" to do so. He's also a joy addict and suffers from withdrawal after the Roland fight.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Like most from the Hernandez family, Georgy looks like a bare-chested, overweight balding man with a moustache and an Imitation Golden Watch.

Georgy is rather rude: He is shown complaining about being too slow in making it to the boat, and trash-talking Roland before/after his fight. However, he does seem to care slightly about Joel.

History Edit

He apparently is an "Aspiring Businessman" Looking to make a fortune in the world of Olathe. He is implied to be the same Georgy mutant from LISA:The Painful, although it has been stated that he is actually not apart of the Hernandez family by the creator of LISA Austin Jorgensen.

Skills Edit

Georgy has two skills from the start, and doesn't gain any more by leveling up.

Skill Name Lvl SP/HP cost Self Use?
Scoop 1 N/A No
Brag 1 N/A Yes

Scoop is a single-target attack that does Moderate damage to an opponent.

Brag is a self-use attack that restores 8 HP and adds Taunt. It is rather useful as Georgy is quite tanky.

Battle Quotes Edit

Win Quotes: Edit

  • You just can't compete.

Level Quotes: Edit

  • As solid as wall street.

Drop Quotes: Edit

  • I'll invest.

Starting Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If you take his Imitation Gold Watch, he will respond repulsively, and take the Imitation Gold Watch back.
  • Taking the Rusty Trowel will cause the same effects of taking the Imitation Gold Watch.
  • Georgy is implied to be a recurring character from LISA: The Painful, though Austin Jorgensen has stated that the Joy mutant Georgy is not related to the Hernandez family of Painful.
  • If the player decides to go back to the Mass Grave, and talks to Larry Davis again once they've completed his side-quest, Georgy will be furious after you pass through the tunnel and forces to the player go to the Long Wet, either satisfying for not getting all way back or annoying the player to make them go back again and finish a certain task (Such as getting barter items).