"It's just same ol' meat."
―Jessie Mack
Jessie Mack
Jessie Mack
HP 840 ATK 35
SP 130 DEF 23
SATK 30 AGI 40
Exp 170 Mags 5
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical State Rate: Fallen * 65%
State Rate: Scared * 80% State Resist: Disarmed
Collapse Effect: Boss

Jessie Mack is a miniboss in Downtown Infinity. He is fought alongside Senyor Keister and Alejandro Babbage, and is one of the three people Lester's wanted list. When Alex approaches his group from either side a battle will begin.

Jessie Mack was once the leader of the "Mack Clan" but after obtaining the Jersey he now seeks the folds to infinity.

Appearance Edit

Jessie Mack is an older mustached Caucasian male of a skinny body-type who has a strange banana-shaped head, beady black eyes, an oval-shaped nose, and armpit-length wild blond hair that has mostly fallen off at the upper regions of his cranium, except for a single wisp of hair at the very top, he is seen a constant hunched over stance, likely from the weight of the basket full of meat he carries on his back, and has a constant malicious grin on his face. As a member of the Infinity Franchise, he wears a red and green Infinity Jersey with an '88' on both the front and back, and also wears a pair of black pants, like nearly every other individual in Olathe.

Backstory Edit

Jessie Mack was once the father of many children living as a family at the Cherry Village. One day, one of Jessie's children went missing, whereupon Jessie went out to search for them. When Jessie returned, he only brought back the Infinity Jersey. Jessie went mad due to the Jersey's influence and killed anyone in the Village (Possibly with assistance by Senyor, Babbage and/or Matty Mack) that wasn't wearing a Jersey, with only two (known) survivors.

Location Edit

Notes Edit

  • Jessie Mack's main role in the battle is to provide support to the other two. He typically opens by applying Rage to his entire group, he also provides minor healing and sometimes removes status problems whenever the others are afflicted.
  • When Jessie's corpse is returned to Lester Alex will receive 16 Tomato Sauce Packets as a reward.
  • Jessie Mack is considered the hardest optional fight due to his support skills. He can heal all party members and has a support skill that removes most if not all status effects. It is best to leave him as one of the last fights downtown.
  • If Jessie Mack is dead Alex will mention that him and Joel fought and killed him when talking to Chriss Bellucci.
  • Jessie Mack has a condition called "Cranial-Bananism" which is at its advanced stage.

Trivia Edit

  • Though likely unintentional, Jessie Mack shares his name with Canadian wrestler Jessie Mack of Toronto, Ontario
  • Jessie Mack has no moves in his enemy file due to the data for Cherry Village rumble using various pages to create a rudimentary, but extremely efficient artificial intelligence for him.
  • Jessie is the luckiest character in the game and his fighting style is cat fighting as shown here