Ah, perfect fit.
Party Member
Full Name Joel Miller
Class One-shot Wonder
Race Human
Sex Male
Affiliation Alex(Partner/Friend)

Georgy(Former Partner/Friend)

Garbage Island(Former Home)

Equip Types
Weapon Types Pistol
Armor Types Bullet, Neckwear, Coat, Hat
Skill Types Gunplay
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 3%
"Have never seen "women", is always 'this' or 'that' woman. Pretty things, some of them."
Joel is a character that accompanies Alex throughout the entire game.

Joel cannot use regular attacks, but he does carry around a gun with only one bullet. His gun can be used to inflict negative status effects on enemies.

Joel can throw bottles for massive damage.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Joel looks like an old man, possibly younger than Alex because his mustache and hair are still black. He wears a coolass blue hat, and a dark blue coat (Although it's apparently black according to the equipment screen).

Because Alex does most of the talking, Joel's personality isn't known very well. However, he is shown caring for his partners Alex & Georgy, defending them from any threats (Drawing his gun when Richie started destroying Georgy's boat, Or when Hugo Leopoldi attacked Alex near the end of the first chapter). It can be assumed that Joel is usually a pacifist, but doesn't hesitate to "fight" if something's in his way.

History Edit

Not much is known about Joel's history. All we know is that his grandfather (Who looks a lot like him, actually) told him stories about being a skilled marksman, always on the run, even though he stated they were most likely lies. He got his gun from his grandfather, and he aspired to become the greatest marksman. However, he had no bullets for his gun until he found Alex in the trash.

Roland has stated that he's been on Garbage Island for longer than most people, probably looking in the trash for a bullet for his gun. Once he found what he came for, he immediately planned to leave with Georgy and Alex, for a "better place."

Skills Edit

Joel has a very high ATK/LCK stat because of his gun/bullet (Near triple the ones of Alex), but lacks a basic attack option and can only use skills from the "Gunplay" skill list. His only real way of dealing damage is throwing bottles, which is really effective if you want to end a fight quickly: It deals enough damage to 1-shot most non-boss enemies.

Skill Name Lvl SP/HP Cost Self Use?
Gun Toss 1 10 SP Yes
Load It In 2 None Yes
Roll Out 3 35 SP Yes
Single Out 4 10 SP No
Passionate Threat 6 40 SP Multi TG
Mind Games 7 30 SP No
Gun Reveal 8 10 SP No
Steady Aim 9 80 SP No

Gun Toss removes Presence and adds Taunt to Joel, which increases his target rate by 1000%.

Load It In restores Joel's SP with a base of 70.

Roll Out gives Joel 100% Evasion, and prevents him from moving for two turns.

Single Out does no damage and has a high chance of inflicting Weird and Wary (100% and 70% chances respectively), and very low chances of inflicting Rage and Confusion (5% and 1% chances respectively).

Passionate Threat does no damage, affects all enemies and has a high chance of inflicting Wary (80%), a low chance of Inflicting Scared (30%) and very low chances of inflicting Rage and Hide (5% and 4% respectively)

Mind Games does no damage, decreases Joel's Target Rate by 70%, makes Joel regen 10% SP a turn and makes the enemy Spooked, which makes them 1000% more vulnerable to Scared. If Joel has Taunt active when he uses Mind Games, Joel gets a 100% SP restore and Taunt gets removed.

Gun Reveal does no damage and has a high chance of inflicting Nasty (90%), a low chance of inflicting Wary (30%) and a very low chance of inflicting Flustered (4%).

Steady Aim does no damage and has a high chance of inflicting Scared (80%) and low chances of inflicting Blind, Rage and Hide (15%, 5%, and 5% respectively)

Battle Quotes Edit

Win Quotes: Edit

  • I never miss!
  • You twitched.
  • This is what you do with freedom?
  • I am a kind man, pow pow...

Level Quotes: Edit

  • I'm the greatest marksman!

Drop Quotes: Edit

  • A little extra don't hurt.
  • Thought I quit the salvage game.

Starting Equipment Edit

Notes Edit

  • Joel cannot die, like his pal Alex. If an attack that would usually kill a party member in Lisa: The Painful hits Joel, he will simply be knocked out and receive a permanent status effect, like Brain Damage, Rupture, Broken Bones, or heart attack.
  • Joel's visual design was based on Lee Van Cleef
  • The max Exp possible for Joel is 9,945 and him being at level 13, needing 1,400 more Exp to level up.