John Johnson
Affiliation Central Powers

"The Game"

Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Office Ottoman: Friend

Fringe Boy: Enemy

"Please... I go by Gold Diamond now."
―John Johnson


John Johnson: A.K.A. 'Three Finger Lover', A.K.A. 'Painzilla'; A.K.A. 'Man Made Miracle'; A.K.A 'Stealth Blitzkrieg'; A.K.A. 'Backstab President'; A.K.A. 'Modern-Day Rhapsode'; A.K.A. 'Bad Angel'; A.K.A. 'Serbian Knife Fight'; A.K.A. 'Gold Diamond' is a member of the Central Powers, and is seen at The Feast showing up in a 14 karat gold tracksuit. He appears to have much knowledge of what he calls "The Game".  He seems to have a close friendship with Office Ottoman, and is the enemy of Fringe Boy.

Like most members of the Central Powers, he is dead by the end of The Feast, murdered by being beaten over the head with a stool by Fringe Boy.

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