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This Wiki is dedicated to LISA: The Pointless, a fangame project for the LISA series by LOVEBRAD/Dingaling games (Austin Jorgensen), the fangame being made by Edvinas Kandrotas (aka Ed). The games are made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

This wiki was created on December 28, 2016.

Please be warned that this wiki contains spoilers for both LISA: The Pointless, and The official LISA series.

About LISA: The PointlessEdit

About LISA: The Pointless

"LISA: The Pointless is a Fangame created by Edvinas Kandrotas that is set in the universe of the LISA trilogy developed by Austin Jorgensen. LISA: The Pointless is an elsewhere story Fangame that is equal parts a story about a garbage man trying to run away from the world , and the story of that very world he is trying to escape."

—From the Gamejolt description.

Current state of development is a work for remaking, the previously finished, Chapter 1, in the so called Monster Update. A Chapter 2 is set for schedule, but is currently on hold due the focus on the Monster Update.

Official Links Edit

Gamejolt Page, Download Link, Monster Update Official Announcement, Official Discord Server Invitation, Ed's Twitter, Ed's Youtube, TV Tropes Page, SeaShelbby's Promo Post.

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