Larry Davis
Larry Davis
Explore the plastic, stroke it good.

Larry Davis 2

Affiliation Garbage Island
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Alex: Ex-Student(?)

Darry Sweets: Student

Larry Davis is a well-known inhabitant of Garbage Island that appears in Chapter 1 of LISA: The Pointless

Description Edit

Larry Davis has a superb knowledge of the arts of "stroking plastic" and is the island's messiah of the Path of Garbage. He insists many qualities can be found within the mileage of trash (that Olathe's peoples both admire and disregard.) This leads to him being considered pontificated with his sayings yet also as one of the smartest of Garbage Island's villagers.

His activities are based around and entirely consist of being about or for garbage, trash, and leftovers.

Relationships with Garbage Island and Alex Edit

Through this way of life after The Flash, he found a new perspective on reality as a whole, in relishing with the trash. The people that share the land with him appreciate his subtle efforts in teaching men to cope in the times they linger in. His love for trash has no bounds, and some on the island even speculate that his is a being of pure trash, but is not a Rag Maggot. His image is supreme in regards to the concept of "mystics of garbage" theme of The Pointless.

Alex is somewhat skeptical of Larry's teachings, but because Alex himself had the duty of being an (actual) garbage man before The Flash; Alex decides to take Larry's side-quest as an attempt to "feel something again." The result of completing the Trash Enlightenment quest is a dialogue exchange that shows Alex is disgusted with himself for having tried it in the first place. Larry shows disappointment, and merely lets Alex continue on as if they never met.

Location Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Larry Davis's appearance and the concept of garbage humping in general are inspired by the 2009 horror documentary "Trash Humpers"
  • It is possible he could be named after the celebrity with the same name, Larry Davis