"What is happening?"
―Lin Rhodes, upon death
Lin Rhodes
Lin Rhodes
HP 920 ATK 55
SP 14 DEF 15
Exp 225 Mags 1
Item Drops
Perfume 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical
Club Strike State [Armed] 5
Punch Always 3
Dirt Kick Always 2
Cry HP 0% ~ 50% 3
Pick Weapon Up State [Disarmed] 3
RealizationII State [Below Threshold] 10

Appearance Edit

Lin Rhodes is a Caucasian male with short blond hair, beady black eyes, a superflat nose with visible nostrils, tattoos around his elbows, and pronounced lips. As a member of the Infinity Franchise, he wears an Infinity Jersey, along with a pair of black pants. He has a constant look of confusion upon his face, a indicator of his simple-minded nature, and wields a baseball bat.

Personality Edit

Lin Rhodes appears to not be a very cognitively aware person, as he will take a while to realize that he's in a fight with Alex and Joel, and will react to his defeat and death with a very confused "What is happening?" upon that event.

Description Edit

Lin Rhodes, along with his ally, Vinny Ramón, are the first members of the Infinity Franchise that Alex and Joel fight. They are found on the basketball court in House Crimson hitting a Rubber Projectile with sticks and harassing Chip Strung by stringing him up in the basketball hoop. After accidentally knocking their Rubber Projectile at Alex, and him promptly destroying it, they become angered and initiate a fight.

When Vinny's health gets below 50%, Lin will say "Oh no! Vinny! What Should I do?" and becomes confused.