Long Leg Lennie


Affiliation Central Powers
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
"There is a small man, telling lies about big things... a different kind of life, a city, hope."
―Long Leg Lennie


Long Leg Lennie is a dark-skinned male with black-hair, who has a crooked nose, a constant frown on his face, several moles or liver spots, eyes obscured by glasses, which have circular lenses and a yellow bridge. True to his name, Lennie has extremely long legs, which have actual visible feet on his sprite by the time he is an adult. Lennie also has shortly cut hair, which he had even as a child, as shown by the flashback, as for his clothing, Lennie wears a fancy-looking dark blue coat that has long coat-tails over the yellow shirt he wears, and a pair of unremarkable black pants, which are presumably tailored, given the length of his legs.

Description Edit

Lennie is first seen making a small cameo in the intro of the game, during the scene where Alex Churchland knocks out an unfortunate Vincent Lo with a side kick, impressing his future lover Chie Teal, and he is not seen again until The Feast, during which he will argue with the rest of the members of the Central Powers about what to do with the Infinity Franchise, and he will also talk about Jason Pike and his tales of The City. However, right before the killing begins, he will excuse himself to "make a phonecall", and is never seen again for the rest of the game.

Notes Edit

  • He is the only guest that survives the feast, excluding Alex and Joel.

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Trivia Edit

  • Long Leg Lennie is statistically, the fastest among the Central Powers, most likely due to his extremely long legs giving him a very long stride, and this natural agility of his is likely further enhanced by the rhythmic and acrobatic nature of the Capoiera martial arts style that he practices.