The logo of the Neon Flamingos. Would you believe it if I told you that it was a neon flamingo?

First appearing towards the end of Chapter One: Mystics of Trash and Violence, the Neon Flamingos are one of two dominant factions in the City. Outnumbering their foe, the Extreme Prejudice Society four-to-one, they make up for their lack in combat skills with sheer numbers. They're the antithesis of the Extreme Prejudice Society - where the EPS is organized, the Neon Flamingos are disorganized; as opposed to the majority of EPS members being consolidated within the Mirror Palace, members of the Neon Flamingos are dotted around the City. Lacking an official uniform, the Neon Flamingos are known for wearing bright colors, exotic hair cuts, heavy usage of make-up and, in certain cases, leather jackets.

Joining and Staying in the Neon Flamingos Edit

Staying true to being almost the exact opposite of the EPS, the Neon Flamingos totally lack a formal initiation: the only requirements being to pledge allegiance to the Neon Flamingos. Despite their open recruitment, publicly affiliating with the Neon Flamingos is advised against - this is likely due to the EPS' intense desire to remove the Neon Flamingos from the city in combination with their massive presence in the City. As long as you prove useful to the Neon Flamingos, they do not care about your reputation.

The Hierarchy of the Neon Flamingos Edit

The leader of the Neon Flamingos residing in Club Candy, their largest headquarters, is Mother McGuinness, a leviathan of a man. Those who are favored by McGuinness are considered to be higher ranked, with the absolute highest position one can have being 'the Favored'

Outside of the Favored, the next highest position to have in the Neon Flamingos is being a part of the Leather Jackets, the elite corps of the gang. They're noteworthy for their skill in combat, being able to evenly match a member of the EPS, as well as wearing their trademark leather jackets.

Third, there are the Lap Boys. These are the performers inside Club Candy, so-to-speak. Leather Jackets are capable of also being considered a Lap Boy - in fact, those Leather Jackets who double as Lap Boys are considered to be some of the best Lap Boys.


Trivia Edit