Pedro Rodrigez
Pedro Rodrigez
HP 420 ATK 30
SP 30 DEF 15
SATK 25 AGI 32
Exp 100 Mags 0
Item Drops
Diet Cocola Cola 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
Atk Element: Physical State Resist: Disarmed
Punch Always 5
Smoke Bomb HP 0% ≤ 20% 3
"Me and my posse 're keeping this place all to ourselves...

...and I'm going to be king...

So kowtow!"

―Pedro Rodriguez

Pedro Rodrigez is a member from the Rando Army and the first enemy encountered in Lisa The Pointless. His battle serves as tutorial of the new Bottle Throw mechanic.

Appearence and Personality Edit

Pedro is an olive skinned man of Hispanic descent, with balding, graying hair that reaches down to his shoulders, a pear shaped head and a wrinkled face, with a mole on his chin, beady eyes, a big droopy nose and a constant frown on his face. He wears a blue poncho with red highlights (the color's that the Rando Army wears) red wristbands on both arms, and unremarkable black pants.

Pedro is a very arrogant person, his overconfidence made him believe that he's a capable leader and has the ability to guide a whole gang that will rule the wasteland. But the certain thing is that he's the contrary opposite; an old pushover that was left behind because of his lack of skill.

Story Edit

Pedro is a member of the Rando Army member that chose to stay at Garbage Island (or that is what he says) along with Dex Muldoon after Rando's Army fled in the search of Buddy at the crossroads. He believes that the people of Garbage Island are pushovers and thinks that he can lord over them with his posse. He is killed by Alex and Joel in the way and swears that he only lost because he wanted.

Location Edit

Strategy Edit

w/ Empty Bottle Edit

At the start of the fight (if you have an Empty Bottle in your inventory), Pedro will call Joel out, saying:
"What you doin' with that bottle, big-hat?

Don't you dare weaponize that technology!"

―Pedro In Battle
This is a hint on how to defeat Pedro quickly. When it's Joel's turn, select an Empty Bottle from your inventory and throw it at him. The resulting action should kill Pedro in a single hit.

W/O Empty Bottle Edit

On the first turn have Alex use Velvet-Fu, then have Joel either use Gun Toss or Defend. If you chose to have Joel use Defend, repeat the first step until Pedro is dead. If you chose to have Joel use Gun Toss, start defending on the second turn.