RANDO - chalk
Rando's portrait made by Augustus Estrada
Full Name Dustin Armstrong
Nickname Dusty
Affiliation Olathe's Warlord

Rando's Army Leader

Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships The Girl: Adoptive Sister

Rick Weeks:Affiliated

Rando is the major warlord in Olathe, being the leader of the Rando’s Army. Rando’s role in Pointless is the one of a minor background character. He serves as the main antagonist in the source-inspired game LISA: THE PAINFUL.


Rando is a tall-muscular adult, his face and body are covered all the time with thus giving him a mysterious and freighting appearance. His body is covered with a black cloak and blue shoulder pads with red spikes. His face is hidden with a black mask with a red skull-horned motif.

Red scarlet and aegean blue are his and his army code traits.


First Years of The White FlashEdit

After the natural event of The White Flash and the disappearance of the entire women population, the world entered in an apocalyptical madness, men entered in habits of hedonism and violence and being in a gang was fundamental for safety.

During these days Rando begin to establish his dominance and slowly building a gang. Rando was capable of finishing the wasteland warlord Lord Gao, taking his cloak after the encounter and wearing it. The confrontation was widespread throughout Olathe, giving Rando a dominant reputation. Shortly after Rando eliminated a gang whom was recognized for its vandalism actions from outer Downtown Olathe to the Vermillion Way: The Neu Crew, but leaving alive one of the members. The repercussion of this incident was the same as the previous one and helped to make Rando’s name a wasteland legend itself.

Rando's Army Abasement in Garbage IslandEdit

When Rando’s gang grew enough and gain the prestige of being an apocalyptical army, Rando opted for using Garbage Island as a fuel resource and other minor goodies acquirement, Garbage Island would also be used for accumulating death bodies product of Rando’s military campaigns. The place was somewhat hidden from any violent source, so Garbage Island usage was functional.

Infinity Franchise invades Garbage IslandEdit

One day the grizzly Infinity Franchise invaded the Island, starting a raid aggressively and jeopardizing the place and its inhabitants. Rando knew the true wrapping-nature of the Franchise and finished with everyone of the invaders quickly. The act was not enough to end the disturbing menace, so after finishing with the mob Rando burned all the jerseys and placed the remaining fabrics around the island.

The RecallEdit

Rando was notified with hopeful news, an existing girl was spotted wandering in Olathe Crossroads escorted by two men, Sticky Angoneli and Rick Weeks, even luckier for him the men were meaning to hand over the girl at him. After this Rando made an emergency recall for all his soldiers around Olathe. This important movement needed the most capable soldiers to be accomplished, so low ranked soldiers such as Pedro Rodrigez and Dex Muldoon were left behind.

As rushed as it was, The Recall would end up with the island bridge being blown up, disconnecting of Garbage Island with The Crossroads, with the soldiers Sean Shawn and two unknown members falling from the truck and end up getting stuck on the island.



Rando is the major antagonist in LISA: THE PAINFUL. The story game surrounds Brad journey to get back Buddy before it reaches Rando’s hand.

Rando in truth is Dustin Armstrong, the adopted son of Brad. He decided to take care of rising him and giving a dojo scholarship after frequently spotting him looking the Karate trainings from aside. Dustin spent the following time being the unwanted star from the dojo, after an unfortunate incident happened, when one of his training companions seeking for revenge kill the other students and disfigure Dustin face. After Brad spotted the incident he decided to leave Dustin by his own.

After many years Dustin, now Rando would run into Brad while both were searching for Buddy. Brad riding a motorcycle would crash into him, recognizing him, Rando communicate to one of his henchmen the order of giving all food rations to Brad as an apology and then leave the place bursting in tears.

Time would pass after they would encounter again, in the most tragic way possible: When Buddy arrives at Rando’s Base, Rando Lando, he realized that Buddy was running away from him and that the man responsible of many Rando’s Army loses was his own adoptive-father. Despite all this Rando, in an emphatic manner, tries to counsel the little girl because of her, recently made, face wounds. After this Brad squashes all the soldiers who were there, ending up with the Father and siblings alone. Rando would make a futile attempt to dialogue with Brad before entering in an intense fight with his Father and Grandmaster, which resulted in Dustin’s defeat and tragic decease.


Garbage Island denizensEdit

While some of the habitants such as people of the Black Swan and Albertyan Flush have supported Rando army campaigns, the general perception of him and Rando’s Army is the one of outsiders, who doesn’t care about the coping philosophies of the Island itself and are there just for the supplies and usage of a mass grave. The Communion of Cellophane strongly support this belief, as shown in Larry Davis last words to Alex before he leaves the island: You’re not like Rando’s men, you’re one of us.

However, people like Augustus Estrada supports Rando’s military and control actions, this can be shown with his chalk portrait, where Rando is depicted as a powerful yet kind and humble human figure. This perception of Rando naturally is only presented on the island outcasts.