Raymund Ripe
Raymund Ripe
HP 850 ATK 48
SP 90 DEF 20
SATK 20 AGI 35
Exp 210 Mags 0
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical State Resist: Disarmed
Grin Always 3
Back Rub Always 4
Grope Always 4
Taste Always 4
Solid Punch HP 0% ~ 99% 7
Kick HP 0% ~ 99% 7
Deer Horn HP 0% ~ 99% 6
"Enjoying the world's last autumn? There's no place quite like this."
―Raymund Ripe


Raymund Ripe is an enemy found in the Autumn House in Lisa The Pointless, appearing behind Alex right after the television cutscene. He will declare that he needs some "human contact", and proceeds to sexually molest Alex.  If Alex attacks Raymund at any time, he will get enraged and attack Alex. If Alex never attacks Raymund for the duration of the fight, a heart will appear above his head and the battle will end, mirroring the Beehive minigame in LISA: The Painful.

If he wasn't killed, his corpse will later appear next to Cormack Rex's house, with stabs and scratches all over.

Appearance Edit

He is a short, stout man who dons a purple latex mask, similiar to a balloon, with black eyeholes and face details wrinkling through. He wears nothing else, except his underwear, and has blood coming out from under his mask.

Notes Edit

  • Upon death Raymund will say "Soft skin... Kitty Babe...", Kitty Babe is the name of the large man in pink cat outfit who makes baby noises and is chained up in the School Basement, given that Raymund says his name, a connection can be implied between the two.
  • The heart that appears on Raymund when the battle is done without fighting back is similar to the heart from the Beehive segment from Lisa The Painful.
  • Raymund will not appear if Joel is in your party when he would normally do so.