Full Name Richie Cheasedust
Nickname Richie
Affiliation Garbage Island
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Roland : Crush

Georgy : Enemy

"I'll forget, but I'll never forgive this abuse. All I ever did was for Roland. My eternal passion."
―Richie Cheasedust
Richie Cheasedust is a character living in Garbage Island that's found in Chapter 1: Mystics of Trash and Violence . He's one of the many residents that are unhappy about your decision of leaving Garbage Island.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Richie is a middle aged adult, with a rounded face shape. His eyes are slanted and in a down-turned direction. He has a medium size snub nose and his mouth is big. He wears a yellow fire tank-top alongside emerald bracelets and black pants. Despite his height, Richie is a very sensitive person. He always carries around a worried look. Alongside this he is very shy as we can see that he has a crush on Roland and is scared of showing it to the others Garbage Island residents. But instead he defends Roland every time he can. He also believes that Garbage Island is the best place out there and trying to leave it is unaccountable.

Story Edit

Richie Cheasedust is a resident of Garbage Island, and one of the few who actually likes Roland, in Richie's case, to the point where he says he has "eternal passion" for Roland.

The first encounter with him happens when you're outside Roland's House. You can see him watching over it and after noticing you alongside Georgy he warns agressively to not do anything to the house, just to after leave begging you not to tell Roland any of this. (This last moment is the first hint about Richie having a crush on Roland and thus showing how he hides away from him).

Before Roland's fight he confronts you but it's immediately stopped and deeply believes that Roland will end with you once and for all.

He can be found before the fight with Roland, where he threatens Alex. After the fight, he can be seen trying to destroy Georgy's boat, angry that they've killed Roland, and baffled that they would want to leave to begin with. During this scene, you're given two options. The choice affects how the event turns out.

  • If the player chooses the "There isn't anything to stay for." option, Richie takes it as a personal insult and cries out that that his life isn't nothing, then attacks you.
  • If the player chooses the "Please Stop" option, Richie will admit that "All he ever did was for Roland." and will let Alex, Georgy and Joel leave Garbage Island without further violence.

Battle Edit

Richie Cheasedust
Richie Cheasedust
HP 750 ATK 50
SP 30 DEF 15
SATK 25 AGI 32
Exp 260 Mags 0
Item Drops
Mystery Jerky 1/1
Empty Bottle 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical
Realization Always 3
Rage Build! State: Below Threshold 9
Slice State: Armed 6
Pick Weapon Up State: Disarmed 3
Cry Always 4

Richie's battle fight is one of the easiest in the game and in the whole series in general. His only source of attack is Slice that does little damage (Except for when he has the Rage status on his hands) and it's usually worsened by the Cry action. You should prevent any source of damage by spamming Disarming Chop every time he picks up again his weapon. He also gives free scares with Realization which is very typical to appear and puts himself in the Spooked status.

However, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIM. His Slices, if they hit and crit, can deal upwards of 600 Damage to anyone in your party. Try to keep him Disarmed, Scared or Stunned at all times lest you get your party wiped and have to start the Roland confrontation all over again.

Location Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Richie's response to the "Please stop." option heavily implies that Richie has a crush on Roland.