Sean Shawn
Sean Shaun
HP 380 ATK 45
SP 5 DEF 15
SATK 25 AGI 32
Exp 130 Mags 1
Item Drops
Mystery Jerky 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical State Resist: Disarmed
Dirt Kick Always 4
Grope Always 4
Hide State: Below Threshold* 10
Bite Always 5
Taste Always 4
"It's pretty terrible being lost here, with no way out. I was just running out of friends..."
―Sean Shawn

Sean Shawn is a member of the Rando Army that appears in Chapter 1 of LISA: The Pointless. He is a hidden enemy encountered in Garbage Island.

Appearence and Personality Edit

Sean is a middle aged man, his skin is pale white; He has a medium height and a fat body shape. A brown Afro hairstyle. He has a rounded face; two small dots as eyes; A turn-up nose with a brown mustache.

Sean wears a dark red and blue poncho (typical from Rando's Army members), black pants adjusted by a belt.

Sean is completely out of his mind because of the distressful situation and develops a very serious cannibalism issue.

Story Edit

Sean Shawn was a soldier in Rando's Army, stationed in Garbage Island.

Upon troops being recalled from the island, Sean and two other unidentified men, got caught in the collapsing bridge. They survived by plummeting onto a small ledge with a mattress. They made their way to a small cave where Sean cannibalized his friends shortly after concluding that there is no way out.

He gets overjoyed after seeing Alex and Joel and like his two friends he is planning to eat them. Upon dying he's amazed by the showing of skills and calls you "the true predator" begging to eat him.

Location Edit

To reach Sean Shawn, the player has to travel to the far eastern end of the Broken Bridge map and jump off one of two cliffs under, and around the Rando graffiti. Once you've jumped down, you'll find yourself on a ledge with a small cave entrance. Enter it and you'll find Sean Shawn.

Battle Edit

Despite being a hidden enemy Sean has a pretty common fight, he is full of debuff attacks leaving him just with the Bite option to combat. He usually uses hide at the very beginning of the fight, making him a bit hard to hit. Taste can lead into adding Rage to one of the members in the party, leading into big random damage to anyone in the fight.

Trivia Edit

  • In update 1.3.0, Sean Shawn's sprite was updated to better fit The Pointless's art style.
  • Sean is a Irish name that is the source Anglo Gaelic versions such and Shaun, Shawn and Shon. With that in mind Sean's name is Shawn Shawn

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