The Kent
Inf The Kent
HP 1280 ATK 56
SP 14 DEF 15
Exp 170 Mags 1
Item Drops
Cigarette 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical
Club Strike State [Armed] 5
Club Joust State [Armed] 5
Shove Always 3
Dirt Kick State [Armed] 4
Pick weapon up State [Disarmed] 3
Block HP 0% ~ 20% 5
Blood Cough HP 0% ~ 15% 5
"This "city" everyone's talking about sounds way too perfect! Can't imagine anything more boring. I just want "The Game" back..."
―The Kent

Appearance Edit

The Kent is a (presumably hispanic, giving his visual inspiration) large bodied male & member of The Infinity Franchise with olive skin, greying receding hair, a moustache, a large double-chin, and a disturbingly hyper-realistic face, he has an intense glare as his default expression, giving him a aggressive appearance even before he becomes a Jerseyhead.

Description Edit

The Kent is a member of Zein Ka's gang, and, later, a member of the Infinity Franchise that appears downtown, battling you alongside Tibby Dobs and Derb Wesley Jr., He can be found in Zein Ka's hideout, lamenting about how he misses "The Game" and that people believe everything they hear "the TV man" say, and will also mention Stefan Kindchild by his surname with the sentence "Thank God, that Kindchild switched frequencies!" indicating that Stefan Kindchild was once a member of The Devil's Knot, the gang that The Kent was formerly a part of.

After the Salt Threshold has been passed, he will be found repeatedly hitting Tibby Dobs in the face with a bat, wearing an Infinity Jersey. Trying to interact with Tibby Dobs or The Kent will result in a battle, where Dobs orders Kent to swing harder, resulting in his death. After that, a battle with The Kent will commence, and Derb Wesley Jr. will join the fray soon after.

Trivia Edit

  • The Kent is modeled after sex offender and gangster from Mexico named Victor Espinoza.