Tic Tonic
Nickname The Astonishing Self-Detonating Man
Affiliation Central Powers
Personal Info
Race Human
Sex Male


Tic Tonic, the astonishing self-detonating man, is a member of the Central Powers, and is seen at The Feast. He is a bald, stout man with a pink vest and a small bowler hat. He seems to be missing his arms. He is the only member of the Central Powers to not speak at all.

As The Feast goes on, Tic Tonic starts sweating and feeling sick as the Central Powers members kill each other. By the end of The Feast, he somehow detonates himself, claiming both himself and Fringe Boy in the explosion.

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Trivia Edit

  • Tic Tonic is statistically the weakest of the Central Powers.
  • Tic Tonic's fighting "style" is Terrorism, which might be the source of his ability to self-detonate.