Vinny Ramón
Vinny Ramón
HP 715 ATK 45
SP 14 DEF 10
Exp 200 Mags 2
Item Drops
Diet Cocola Cola 1/1
HIT: 95% EVA: 5%
ATK Element: Physical State Rate: Scared * 20%
Club Joust State [Armed] 5
Punch Always 3
Big Swing Always 3
Pick Weapon Up State [Disarmed] 2
Bully State [Below Threshold] 10
"You'll get yours one day, cute stuff!"
―Vinny Ramón, upon death.

Appearance Edit

Vinny Ramón is a Hispanic male of indeterminate age and a lanky build, who has olive skin, black hair that is styled into a messy pompadour with hot-blooded sideburns, and pronounced lips. He also appears to possibly be missing an eye, as one is blacked out while the other is pure white. As a member of the Infinity Franchise, he wears the standard Infinity Jersey that all members wear, and also wears a brown leather belt with a golden buckle. He is also seen wielding a pool cue.

Personality Edit

Vinny Ramón is the more competent and aware of the duo formed between him and his friend Lin Rhodes. However, he also has some odd tendencies, such as his tendency to use flirtatious language towards random people, like Chip Strung, whom he refers to as a "Naughty Minx" (Minx, which means a flirtatious and cunning woman) and referring Alex Churchland as "cute stuff" when defeated by him.


Vinny Ramón, along with his ally, Lin Rhodes, are the first members of the Infinity Franchise that Alex and Joel fight. They are found on the basketball court in House Crimson hitting a Rubber Projectile with sticks and harassing Chip Strung by stringing him up in the basketball hoop. After accidentally knocking their Rubber Projectile at Alex, and him promptly destroying it, they become angered and initiate a fight.

When Lin's health gets below 50%, and Vinny is still alive, he will tell Lin "Hang in there!"